Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK)’s two main programs are organising LGBT members in all 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia, and empowering the LGBT community to advocate for their rights and support from local authorities and the public. RoCK programming is based on informed, participatory and evolving process. In February 2014, after we formally registered as a Non-Government Organisation, we started with a large-scope baseline study to objectively verify and understand the situation of LGBT population in Cambodia. In 2016, with the information and results gathered, we focus on facilitating and consulting with our members and partners in identifying priorities for the future strategic scope of RoCK.


Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK) has a vision for Cambodia where Cambodian LGBT citizens feel happy to be who they are and live happy lives by having their rights protected and receiving full and equal respect and acceptance from all sectors of society, most especially families, communities and authorities.

Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK) was a voluntary group formed in 2009 by nine LGBT activists to engage with organising and promoting rights for Cambodian LGBT people. In the same year, RoCK worked with a number of LGBT partners to launch LGBT Pride Week, an annual event that built and expanded on previous Pride celebrations transforming Pride into a week-long celebration of educational, community building, and entertaining events for the whole LGBT community and their friends. RoCK volunteers have continued to work in LGBT organising across the country while also taking on counseling cases.

In striving to best achieve our mission and vision, RoCK adheres to the following core values and guiding principles as a staff team, Board and volunteers as well as in our work with members and all other stakeholders:    

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