Core Values
In striving to best achieve our mission and vision, RoCK adheres to the following core values and guiding principles as a staff team, Board and volunteers as well as in our work with members and all other stakeholders:    
  • Diversity and solidarity: Embrace the differences irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity, cultural background, belief, age, education, physical ability or political opinion. Stand in solidarity with other marginalised groups and commit to collective change.
  • Accountability and transparency: Commit to integrity and ethics. Firmly uphold RoCK’s codes of conduct and ethical principles. Proactive, accountable for our actions and results. Open, honest and trustworthy.
  • Empowerment: Work with the existing strength of the people. Facilitate environment were people can speak, take action, and drive change by themselves. Commit to long-term independence and resilience of the community.
  • Adaptability and creativity: Remain positive and effective to change. Adapt to and deal with new circumstances. Seek creativity and unconventional approaches of working. Think and act out of the box. Commit to continuous learning.
  • Communication: Attentively listen to others for understanding. Communicate clearly and effectively. Promote two-way communication and ensure messages are understood.
  • Activism: Keep volunteerism and strong personal commitment at the forefront of how we work in a self-reliant approach. Facilitate independent activists to feel confident and empowered to take action with the support of RoCK, rather than solely relying on RoCK. 
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