Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK) was a voluntary group formed in 2009 by nine LGBT activists to engage with organising and promoting rights for Cambodian LGBT people. In the same year, RoCK worked with a number of LGBT partners to launch LGBT Pride Week, an annual event that built and expanded on previous Pride celebrations transforming Pride into a week-long celebration of educational, community building, and entertaining events for the whole LGBT community and their friends. RoCK volunteers have continued to work in LGBT organising across the country while also taking on counseling cases.


Seeing the need to have an organisational structure to better support and promote Cambodian LGBT rights, RoCK registered as a Non-Government Organisation in 2014, becoming the first organisation in Cambodia that is fully dedicated to LGBT rights and advocacy. During our first phase of NGO operation, we focused on building a dedicated and competent team while studying challenges faced by LGBT people in Cambodia as well as their priority needs.

At the end of 2015, RoCK published the largest quantitative research on LGBT issues ever undertaken in Cambodia, also and significantly targeting public attitudes Opinions, Attitudes and Behavior towards the LGBT Population in Cambodia (2015) RoCK/TNS. The research interviewed a total of 1563 Cambodians across 11 provinces of the country taking account of large urban centres and rural areas. A total of 1085 straight (heterosexual) people and 478 LGBTs (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) were interviewed. Based on the findings and recommendations of this study, RoCK is currently developing a strategic plan for our next phase of programming through consultative process with our grassroots members and partners.
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