What We Do
Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK)’s two main programs are organising LGBT members in all 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia, and empowering the LGBT community to advocate for their rights and support from local authorities and the public. RoCK programming is based on informed, participatory and evolving process. In February 2014, after we formally registered as a Non-Government Organisation, we started with a large-scope baseline study to objectively verify and understand the situation of LGBT population in Cambodia. In 2016, with the information and results gathered, we focus on facilitating and consulting with our members and partners in identifying priorities for the future strategic scope of RoCK.

LGBT Organising

This work aims to build and expand LGBT network across Cambodia by strengthening existing groups and starting groups in new areas. It aims to break down isolation and strengthen solidarity and connection among LGBT in Cambodia. RoCK focuses on reaching out to LGBT people in remote areas who have limited access to information and network with other LGBT groups. This work involves regular field trips, complemented by phone communications and online social networking when possible.

To ensure a practical and long-term support at the community level, our organising work not only engages with LGBT people but also local authorities, including village chiefs, local police and provincial departments’ officials. They actively join our program and engage with their LGBT peers. By March 2016, RoCK has established connections with all 25 provinces and cities in Cambodia, with the total of 864 LGBT members, 75 local authorities.   Each year RoCK organises two large national events bringing our LGBT members and local authorities from across the country to meet and exchange in Phnom Penh city: Pride Week which coincides with the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), and International Human Rights Day (IHRD).

LGBT Rights Advocacy

RoCK works with our LGBT members, authorities, and relevant partners to advocate for equal rights and protection for LGBT people. We do so by focusing on actions needed at the community level, while also increasingly participating in the joined effort with other stakeholders for the legislative and policy change at the national level.

Working with an experienced human rights lawyer and local authorities, RoCK has developed a formal contract for LGBT couples called “Declaration of Family Relationship.” This project aims to protect the property and assets of LGBT couples, their biological and adopted children, and family as an interim strategy while Cambodia doesn’t allow same-sex marriage and same sex couples to adopt children.

“Guide to Human Rights for LGBT in Cambodia” is the result of collaboration between RoCK and one of our partners, Destination Justice’s Rainbow Justice Project. This guide aims at empowering the LGBT community in claiming the rights that individuals are entitled to under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It also aims to educate and empower local duty bearers to actively protect the human rights of LGBT citizens.  

RoCK develops and uses a variety of methods and tools including songs, short films, cartoon animation, research presentations, photo exhibitions and art projects in its awareness-raising and advocacy activities with LGBT community, partners and the larger public.
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